May 17, 2018

Sean co-founded the non-profit, “A Walk on Water”, which specializes in Ocean and Surf Therapy for people needing the healing powers of the ocean.

A Walk on Water was founded in 2012 by four men who shared the belief that the ocean’s healing powers could help people.  They all had a passion for Surf Therapy and giving back, so they wanted to make it accessible to children who needed it in the USA. Sean created the infrastructure of the business and recruits people to help them make these children’s dreams into reality!

The process of learning to surf is ultimately rewarding largely because it is so hard. AWOW athletes are helped through the learning process in surfing with an expertly trained Surf Therapist. The athletes go through the stages of nervousness beforehand, then trial and error, and finally pride when they catch their first wave!

Sean thinks that Surf Therapy has benefits for everyone because surfing is therapeutic and calming, giving surfers balance and centering them.  

Sean is living proof that combining compassion with dedication and hard work can change many people’s lives for the better.  Through his work at AWOW, Sean learned that perseverance, follow-through, and humility can immensely affect the world in a positive way and bring business success as well.  Sean believes that when people decide to care, when actions replace words, and passion is shared, people can be powerful.

One of AWOW’s athletes, Jacob, has had severe autism since birth and was nonverbal his whole life, so his parents wanted him to experience surfing for fun.  After hours of hard work to put his wetsuit on and overcome his fears of the ocean, Jacob caught a wave! Alone in the water with his Surf Therapist, Jacob said his first words and began to speak about his surfing experience! Today he has full conversations and loves to surf. Jacob’s story is the heart of why Sean does what he does.

Surf Therapy will now be available in a landlocked area thanks to AWOW to help kids who have never had the chance to experience the ocean or surfing. Additionally, a study is underway to hopefully prove the efficacy of Surf Therapy, which will lead to governmental funding and possibly insurance coverage for families in need of treatments for their children.

Sean motivates the kids he works with by telling them that “you are unique and special, and you have the potential to achieve anything you put your mind to.” Sean believes that action sports help kids understand how to set long term goals, be patient, and work hard to achieve them.  Sean says, “it's vital that children experience things like surfing that are difficult to achieve, that take practice, patience, and desire, but ultimately provide so much satisfaction. Every child has the opportunity for greatness.” Sean says that if he can help any of the children in any small way, then he is a happy man.

Sean is so inspiring in that he combined his passion of giving back and his talent of surfing to help others and create a business that helps children everyday to set goals, achieve them, and learn a new skill.


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