La Familia Spread the Shred Deck

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Spread the Shred

Inspired by our homies in Cuba and partners at Cuba Skate, the "La Familia" deck stays true to their culture and keeps the crew pushing skateboarding forward.

About Spread the Shred
Three skateboard decks, one mission: Spread the Shred. Join us in our pursuit to expand the global skate community by supporting the world’s first ever Buy One, Give One Skateboard Initiative. When you buy a deck, one will be donated to a skateboard non-profit in an underserved community.


The Spread the Shred special edition series of decks features skaters from across the globe pushing together to push skateboarding forward.

The US Deck, ‘The Family’,  was inspired by the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle that is Downtown Los Angeles. The design portrays a squad of skaters, owning their urban playground, to epically highlight the eminent American skater lifestyle.

The Cuba Deck, ‘LA Familia’,created in partnership with Cuba Skate, features artwork that uniquely captures the Cuban culture and it’s people. Bright colors, colonial-style buildings and skaters in the street all come together to form one vibrant representation of the Cuban skate scene.

The India Deck, ‘Parivaar’, created in partnership with Holystoked Skateboarding,  influenced by a country rich in customs and heritage, displays a combination of classic Indian architecture with the modern Indian skater vibe. The elephant, representing wisdom, adds a swank contribution to the overall message of unity and brotherhood.

This series of decks serves as an example of the bond between skaters from all walks of life. In an effort to stress the significance of that bond and expand the international skateboarding family, we are on a mission to get these boards into the hands of underprivileged, aspiring skaters. With the right gear, anyone can “Achieve Their I’mpossible”.

Stay up on the shred